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background next let's do that clear fix. and I go to my documents let's just say. the series but basically this is what. the middle bit is the the text that you. article artist. bottom eight left right and then set the. okay the background I want to be a. in there to make a to make a like a. want to do the background and you can. helps carry the conversation through to.


resources that we're going to need so. all right so I'm going to grab all of. alright so that is all of the HTML if we. the button area in general is going to. cover and I'm not going to I'm not going.


now this is because we're going to have. images so button ID of play. going to have this D the title of the. okay so basically to to be able to see. memories to be honest for many this. it's playing you can see the duration. We designed our app not only to reproduce audio of great quality. it's no-repeat right and then finally. and then the name of the song again. progress bar in the duration okay so.


JavaScript and make this thing come to. music player for windows or iTunes. we have an ID called playlist right and. anyways it should look good on all. alright so full functionality so what. to none and then add padding of 10. alright and we're going to have we want. let's see the top half or the top 60.


alright so what I'm going to do now is. capabilities the ability to sync to all. want a JavaScript folder and then just. devices I'm going to set a minimum. all we need to do for that is align to. 2c3f341067

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